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Other websites only talk about using static regain calculations.

We have professionally engineered, designed and installed over 12,000 tons of high velocity spiral static regain ductwork systems totalling 5,000,000 GSF. Using the VariTRANE Duct Design program has consistently achieved major cost savings in commercial HVAC systems. Lower installed costs, less pounds of ductwork, less labor costs and high profitability.

Our first project using the static regain design was a 5 story office building in 1983 in Aurora, Illinois. All the work was drawn with lead on vellum, called “Old School” construction drafting. The plans were saved on large photo negatives. The 1983 HVAC system had twinned 105 ton TRANE RTUs for 90,000 GSF using 17,000 lbs spiral mains in lieu of 36,000 lbs of rectangular medium pressure mains to 85 VAVs with pneumatic controls. The office building has been in continuous operation for 29 years.

StaticRegain.net has over 35 years of mechanical engineering experience and a complete understanding of mechanical contracting. Our team has worked on commercial projects for Office Buildings, Large 700 ton Hospitals, Medical Surgery Centers, Gambling Casinos, Churches, Main Post Office Distribution Centers, Technical Lab Buildings, School Auditoriums. The largest single project was a 500,000 SF covered Mall with 1700 tons of AC using 160,000 lbs of spiral in place of 398,000 lbs of rectangular. Yes we saved a lot of construction costs on that Mall and we gave the owner $300,000 credit to close the deal. There were many smaller projects, 20 to 50 tons, with many variations for applying spiral static regain.

We have the ability to come up with a solution to fit your next project and save on average 37% of your main supply ductwork costs, about $1.00 per SF in today’s construction dollars.

The spiral static regain ductwork systems are acoustically superior to all rectangular supply ducts, without using silencers or balancing dampers. The computerized software fine tunes every design before one line is drawn on CAD or paper. Let us show you. Look at the past projects and drawings shown on this website. Look at the ductwork layout strategies for efficient low cost distribution and see how round spiral static regain has profitable advantages over all rectangular ductwork systems. We have consistently used spiral static regain every year on projects for the last 30 years. Yes, 12,000 tons of AC and over 5,000,000 gross square feet of commercial property in Illinois.

The static regain design team is lead by John V. Reints, PE, since 1977, a graduate of Iowa State University with a BS degree in Chemical/Mechanical Engineering.

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