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If you have gotten this far, you should know that my goal is to train you and your staff to take the Static Regain engineering work away from me. Your Membership gets me back to the job of consulting for you, providing you access for handling the difficult strategies and challenges in applying static regain design more profitably.

Access Membership allows me to do prepaid consulting for you, to answer the specific questions you will have for the details of Static Regain.

If you have an ongoing static regain design project with me, Membership for one year is included as part of the process for getting the spiral ductwork design completed.
For the times between ongoing projects, your Membership allows you access to me to answer questions and help you plan such as bidding strategies.

Access Membership costs you $2,500 per year or it is included for a year with an ongoing project.
Your membership cost covers an average amount of questions and helps me by replacing the inconvenient paper work of billing you $50 for a question or $190/hr for engineering as it pertains to static regain.


If you decide to bring me to your company for a one day hands on seminar and workshop, the cost is $7,500 plus all expenses, and includes access Membership for one year. You may add a second day to the seminar for an added cost of $2,500 per day added.


 Additional information

The State of Illinois has specific laws regarding professional engineers and their design services.  The State requires a minimum of complete engineering calculations and direct supervision for HVAC construction drawings used for permits.

If you need field survey and general construction inspection services for monitoring performance of installation work by mechanical subcontractors, review of shop drawings and specification conformance required by architects, engineers, general contractors and owners, the following rates are offered on a subcontract basis

$1,800 per day plus expenses based on an 8 hour day

$7,200 per week plus expenses based on a 40 hour week ($180 per hour)

$5,760 per week plus expenses based on a 32 hour week ($180 per hour)

You may need preliminary design work and general engineering review of plans for coordination and permits.  As a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois since 1977, I am able to offer the minimum PE services for your HVAC needs at the following rates:

$240 per hour plus expenses with a minimum of 2 hours

$1,800 per day plus expenses based on an 8 hour day

$7,200 per week plus expenses based on a 40 hour week ($180 per hour)

For those rare occasions when expert testimony may be needed for legal proceedings in a court trial, the expert witness rates are:

$425 per hour plus expenses with a 4 hour minimum

$2,800 per day plus travel expenses & $295 per diem costs ($350 per hour)

For general business management consulting and entity structuring, the rates can be negotiated based on the client requirements and length of term commitments required.

References available upon request.

Terms:  50% Retainer Required for Engineering Services 

Payment due upon receipt for Consulting Services, C.O.D.

(Except by prior arrangement in writing)

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