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iMED Campus – 5 story- Naperville, IL

February 04, 2012  |   Past Projects   |     |   22,428 Comments

iMED Campus - 5 story, 100,000 SF of Class A medical and professional space. served by two 105 Ton TRANE Intellipack units on twinning curb  to spiral static regain multi-runrisers totalling 19,900 lbs costing $128,000 compared to 38,000 lbs of rectangular costing $229,300 saving $101,300 or $1.01 per SF

Pewaukee, WI – Static Regain Spiral Examples

February 04, 2012  |   News,Past Projects,Uncategorized   |     |   17,310 Comments

The attached photos show best practices for Spiral Static Regain and Seal Class A for all spiral. Thanks to JF Ahern Co for an excellent installation example. This spiral ductwork with seal class A meets the ASHRAE 90.1-2010- requirements. This project saved 22% of the ductwork cost using spiral static regain and is part of the 6 Job Savings chart in the NEWS section for the TRANE Strategic Partners Exchange.             [gallery link="file" orderby="title"]  

1983 5 Story Office building

January 31, 2012  |   Past Projects   |     |   21,595 Comments

1983 5 Story Office: 82,000 SF 5 story with 175 tons DX RTUs using static regain spiral distribution to 145 VAVs. Static regain spiral installed at 18,000 lbs costing $116,700 in place of rectangular MP at 36,500 lbs costing $211,700 saving $95,000 or $1.16 per SF basis 2012$$. Total Job SQFT: 82,000 Total Job Savings: $95,000 or $1.16 per SF basis 2012$$.  

Medical Ambulatory Surgery Center:

January 31, 2012  |   Past Projects   |     |   21,859 Comments

Medical Ambulatory Surgery Center: 20,000 SF Surgery Center with IDPH ambulatory requirements conditioned with static regain distribution and vav pressurization relationships from 115T DX RTUs contracted at $1,195,000 Spiral static regain used 11,200 lbs of spiral costing $72,000 compared to rectangular MP at 23,900 lbs costing $144,400. Total GSF: 20,000 sf Static Regain Savings: $72,400 or $3.62 per SF. Total Job SQFT:20,000 Total Job Savings: $72,400 or $3.62 per SF.

AAA Office HQ, Aurora, IL

January 26, 2012  |   Past Projects   |     |   15,653 Comments

2-Story, 78,000 gsf Hi Tech Office Building using 200T DX RTUs, static regain distribution, Fan Powered Units with DDC Control: $1,450,000 total contract. Spiral static regain used 18,900 lbs at cost of $121,900 compared to rectangular mains at 35,700 lbs costing $207,900 saving Total Job SQFT:  78,000 gsf Total Job Savings: $86,000 or $1.10 per sf. Job Drawings:

Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago, IL

January 26, 2012  |   Past Projects   |     |   16,906 Comments

Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago, IL: 100 panel solar array for pre-heating 8,000 gpd of hot water for domestic use at new mission with glycol, heat x, pumps and controls along with complete Mammoth 200 Ton Penthouse HVAC and static regain distribution for 150,000 sf mission: Total Installed Cost:   $2,900,000 Spiral Static Regain used 36,000 lbs at cost of $236,500 compared to rectangular mains at 59,000 lbs costing $342,500 Total savings:  $106,000 or $0.71 per sf.

Motorola Pine Meadows, Libertyville, IL

January 26, 2012  |   Past Projects   |     |   21,515 Comments

3-story office building, 90,000 SF, with 300 tons DX RTUs, static regain distribution to Data & Tech Center using air column/raised floor pressurization and FPBs, full kitchen and dining system (9000 sf) Total SQFt: 9,000 Total cost installed: $995,000.  Spiral static regain used 16,000 lbs at cost of $104,000 compared to rectangular mains at 34,000 lbs costing $197,000 saving $93,000. Savings of $1.03 cost/SF

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